Thursday, 28 August 2014

It's like milk but it's made for humans!

I've recently moved to Sweden and one of the brands that caught my attention was Oatly. I've contacted with them and they were really fast replying and sending me some coupons to test their products range. 

And the first product that I tested has the Chocolate Oat Drink and it tastes really great. But I had nothing to compare because as a kid I was allergic to cocoa and milk so I asked N. to write something about it...

When I was a boy growing up in Portugal in the 80's there was these small bottles with milk chocolate. They were delicious! The trouble was they were made up with milk which felt like I had heavy rocks inside my stomach, so I had to stop drinking it, but the memory of that wonderful flavour stayed with me in the recesses of my brain. When I drank Oatly chocolate drink for the first time immediately that memory poped up, bringing back with it a lot of other childhood memories of growing up in endless golden summers, endless days of carefree playful joy.
Finally I can have a chocolate drink that has all the flavour without the heavy feeling of milk, with the bonus of all the fiber.

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