Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Spanish Tortilla

Serves 2:
Onions (100g - sliced)
Potatoes (250g - sliced)

Olive oil (2 tbsp)
Eggs (2)
Rice drink (50 ml)
Corn flour (1 tbsp)

1) Heat the olive oil (1 tbsp) in the frying pan and add the potatoes and onions. Cook gently until tender. Season with salt and pepper.
2) Meanwhile, break the eggs into a large bowl and whisk them lightly. Add the rice milk and the flour and some seasoning. When the onions and potatoes are cooked, quickly transfer them to the eggs in the bowl.
3) Put the frying pan back on the heat and add the rest of the oil. Mix the potato and eggs thoroughly before pouring the whole lot into the frying pan.
4) When there is no liquid egg left on the surface of the omelette, turn it over to cook the other side. Give it about 2 minutes more, then turn the heat off and leave it for a further 5 minutes to settle. Serve hot or cold with a salad or a vegetable soup.

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